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Plastic Craft Lacing / Gimp Certification Exam

Plastic Craft Lacing / Gimp Certification Exams
You Won't find These Certifications at Harvard or Yale !
Plastic Craft Lacing Exams Based on the Honor System :-)
Bachelor Degree Level.
This is the first step in the exciting career of Gimping. You made the right choice!

Questions for Bachelor Degree - Need to get 5 correct.
1. A short piece of plastic lacing, leather or cord is called?
2. A short braid of plastic lacing worn around the neck to hold a whistle is called?
3. Scoubidou, the round version of plastic lacing or gimp, originated in the US or Europe?
4. Another name for braiding plastic lacing is called?
5. The word Gimp is of what origin? (French?)
6. Another name for a flat braid is?
7. Can Gimp be made of material other than plastic lacing?
8. Lanyards and friendship bracelets are the most popular use of plastic lacing?
9. The word "gimp" means interlaced?
10. Gimping with plastic lacing is fun?
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Master Degree Level.

A Master Degree in Gimp (Boondoggling) is for team leaders. You have studied the field of Gimp beyond the basics and are now expected to step forward and assist teammates with more complicated Gimp / Lanyard projects. You must be proud of yourself to have gotten to this level. The test is on the honor system. You may review the questions before taking the test, but DON'T look at the answers. Remember that those that gimp are special. Honesty counts !! You need to get 7 out of the 15 questions correct. You may repeat the test until you pass. Good Luck.

Questions for Master Degree - Need to get 7 correct.
1. In general, any short piece of cord that can be braided can be called Gimp? Yes or No
2. Gimp is also called plastic craft lacing? Yes or No
3. Gimp is also called plastic craft lace? Yes or No
4. Gimp is also called lanyard? Yes or No
5. The word Gimp is of French origin? Yes or no
6. Gimp can be made of thin strips of plastic, leather or cloth? Yes or No
7. Scoubidou is the European version of Gimp. Yes or No.
8. The round version of Gimp originated in Europe? Yes or No
9. Gimp is the general term for braiding plastic craft lacing? Yes or No
10. Scoobie is usually round? Yes or No
11. Lanyard necklaces and Friendship bracelets are best made of Gimp? Yes or No
12. A flat braid is also called a plait? Yes or No
13. The word Gimp can also mean interlaced cord? Yes or No
14. The word boondoggling is often used as a verb to mean braiding Gimp? Yes and No
15. Gimp is a flexible term used to account for plastic craft lace, plastic craft lacing, braiding short flat pieces of leather / plastic strips / cloth, lanyards with whistles, lanyards with keys, lanyards with jewelry? Yes or No

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A Doctorate (Ph.G) of Gimp (Boondoggling) represents the highest level of study in this field. Very few comprehend the broad impact that this degree represents (i.e., plastic craft lacing, plastic craft lace, boondoggling, gimpaction (the verb), Scoubi, Scoubidou, lanyards etc). As you may already know, the questioning for this degree borders on the abstract, the ability to think beyond the basics! Usually a doctorate requires "original research", therefore in addition to the five questions below you are required to construct three gimp knots of your choice. Your peers/friends must agree that the three knots you constructed are correct. There is no oral exam as in most doctorate programs because the questioning in addition to the construction of three knots of your choice is demanding enough! You MUST get all five questions correct. You can look at the questions, but not the answers prior to taking the test. Remember, honesty counts. Good luck !

Ph.G Exam Questions - Need to get all five correct.
1. Plastic craft lacing may also be called gimp craft lacing or gimp lace or boondoggle or lanyard? Yes or No
2. The plaiting and knotting crafts of Gimp originated in France? Yes or No
3. Square knot, Spiral knot, Double Spiral knot, Staircase knot are knots that may be used as Gimp and to Gimp? Yes or No
4. You can gimp, boondoggle, and knot with strips of plastic, leather or cloth? Yes or No
5. You can use beads with Gimp to make jewelry? Yes or No

Original Research - Have your peers/friends acknowledged that you constructed three gimp knots correctly?
**************** See answers below.
Bachelor Degree Answers ( You Only Need to Get 5 Correct to Pass )
1. Answer is "Gimp".
2. Answer is "Lanyard".
3. Answer is "Europe".
4. Answer is "Boondoggling".
5. Answer is "French".
6. Answer is "Plait". This is a tricky question !!
7. Answer is "Yes". Can be made of plastic lacing, silk, leather.
8. Answer is "Yes"
9. Answer is "Yes".
10. Answer is "Yes"
Master Degree Answers ( You Only Need to Get 7 Correct to Pass )
Answer to all is yes.
Doctorate (Ph.G) of Gimp Answers (Must Get All 5 Correct)
1. Yes
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes

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