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Dictionary of Gimp Terminology
Boondoggle (Noun): Round or flat plastic lace.

Boondoggling (Verb): The act of knotting or plaiting with plastic lace.

Scoubidou (Noun & Verb) European - refers to the plastic  lace or gimp and the act of knotting or plaiting.
Gimp (Noun): Plastic or leather strips or threads that are interwoven; plaited, braided or knotted. See Webster's !

GimpAction (Verb): The act of or fun of knotting or plaiting Gimp ! (A cool word for plastic lacing).

Plastic Craft Lacing (Noun): Plastic strips or gimp usually sold in hanks or spools.

Lanyards (Noun): A necklace like, braided or plaited strap made of Gimp. Usually meant to hold something at the end like a whistle.

Friendship Bracelet (Noun): Special bracelets given from one friend to another as a symbol of friendship. Wikipedia

Keychain (Noun): A braid made of gimp that has a steel ring attached to hold a key.

Plait (Noun): A flat braid.

Fun (Verb): Amusement like boondoggling, scoubidou, gimpaction.

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to Gimp Lace dot Com. A website about the Art of Intricate Knotting and Plaiting with Plastic Craft Lacing, Plastic Lace, and the European Version Scoubidou !! aka FUN !!
Gimp, Scoubidou, Boondoggling, or Lanyards. A knotting and plaiting craft known in the U.S. as "boondoggling" or "Gimp". See Webster's Dictionary.  Anyway, It all means lots of fun. Make bracelets, necklaces, key holders, toy animal figures lanyards and friendship bracelets out of plastic craft lacing !!
Scoubidou - Is the French / European version of boondoggling or gimp. Scoubidou ( Gimp, Scoubi, Scoobie, Boondoggle, or Lanyard ) is a plaiting and knotting craft, aimed at young adults, which originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s. Read More thanks to Wikipedia.  Then there is this website on how to make Scoobies. Click Here
Gimp - The name "gimp" has been applied to the plastic thread used in the knotting and plaiting art Scoubidou in Europe or Boondoggling in the US. Gimp is a decorative cord or thread. Usually a flat or round solid or multi-colored extruded plastic. Often referred generically to as plastic lacing. See TonerCrafts
Boondoggling - Where Did that Name Come From ? Boondoggle is flat or round extruded plastic lace, often referred to as gimp! “The word ‘boondoggle’ was coined out of the blue sky by Robert H. Link, eagle scout,” Click Here

How To Guides
Knotting with Scoubidou strands by Yoarra - Good knotting guide. Click Here
2.) Scoubi Guide in the UK that starts you off with the Scoubidou Square Stitch before attempting to tackle the Scoubidou Circle Stitch. Click Here

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