Dictionary of Gimp Terminology
Boondoggle (Noun): Round or flat plastic lace.
Boondoggling (Verb): The act of knotting or plaiting with plastic lace.
Scoubidou (Noun & Verb) European - Refers to the plastic lace or gimp and the act of knotting or plaiting.
Gimp (Noun): Plastic or leather strips or threads that are interwoven; plaited, braided or knotted. See Webster's !
GimpAction (Verb): The act of or fun of knotting or plaiting Gimp ! (A cool word for plastic lacing).
Plastic Craft Lacing (Noun): Plastic strips or gimp usually sold in hanks or spools.
Lanyards (Noun): A necklace like, braided or plaited strap made of Gimp. Usually meant to hold something at the end like a whistle.
Friendship Bracelet (Noun): Special bracelets given from one friend to another as a symbol of friendship. Wikipedia
Keychain (Noun): A braid made of gimp that has a steel ring attached to hold a key.
Plait (Noun): A flat braid.
Fun (Verb): Amusement like boondoggling, scoubidou, gimpaction.
Gimp Certified - Ready to be tested on your new Gimp vocabulary ? Read Below
Plastic Craft Lacing / Gimp Certification Exams
You Won't find These Certifications at Harvard or Yale ! Plastic Craft Lacing Exams Based on the Honor System :-)

Bachelor Degree Level: BSG
This is the first step in the exciting career of Gimping. You made the right choice!

Questions for Bachelor Degree - Need to get 5 correct.
1. A short piece of plastic lacing, leather or cord is called?
2. A short braid of plastic lacing worn around the neck to hold a whistle is called?
3. Scoubidou, the round version of plastic lacing or gimp, originated in the US or Europe?
4. Another name for braiding plastic lacing is called?
5. The word Gimp is of what origin? (French?)
6. Another name for a flat braid is?
7. Can Gimp be made of material other than plastic lacing?
8. Lanyards and friendship bracelets are the most popular use of plastic lacing?
9. The word "gimp" means interlaced?
10. Gimping with plastic lacing is fun?
.......... See answers below.

Master Degree Level: MSG
A Master Degree in Gimp (Boondoggling) is for team leaders. You have studied the field of Gimp beyond the basics and are now expected to step forward and assist teammates with more complicated Gimp / Lanyard projects. You must be proud of yourself to have gotten to this level. The test is on the honor system. You may review the questions before taking the test, but DON'T look at the answers. Remember that those that gimp are special. Honesty counts !! You need to get 7 out of the 15 questions correct. You may repeat the test until you pass. Good Luck.

Questions for Master Degree - Need to get 7 correct.
1. In general, any short piece of cord that can be braided can be called Gimp? Yes or No
2. Gimp is also called plastic craft lacing? Yes or No
3. Gimp is also called plastic craft lace? Yes or No
4. Gimp is also called lanyard? Yes or No
5. The word Gimp is of French origin? Yes or no
6. Gimp can be made of thin strips of plastic, leather or cloth? Yes or No
7. Scoubidou is the European version of Gimp. Yes or No.
8. The round version of Gimp originated in Europe? Yes or No
9. Gimp is the general term for braiding plastic craft lacing? Yes or No
10. Scoobie is usually round? Yes or No
11. Lanyard necklaces and Friendship bracelets are best made of Gimp? Yes or No
12. A flat braid is also called a plait? Yes or No
13. The word Gimp can also mean interlaced cord? Yes or No
14. The word boondoggling is often used as a verb to mean braiding Gimp? Yes and No
15. Gimp is a flexible term used to account for plastic craft lace, plastic craft lacing, braiding short flat pieces of leather / plastic strips / cloth, lanyards with whistles, lanyards with keys, lanyards with jewelry? Yes or No
......... See answers below.

Doctorate Level: Ph.G:
A Doctorate (Ph.G) of Gimp (Boondoggling) represents the highest level of study in this field. Very few comprehend the broad impact that this degree represents (i.e., plastic craft lacing, plastic craft lace, boondoggling, gimpaction (the verb), Scoubi, Scoubidou, lanyards etc). As you may already know, the questioning for this degree borders on the abstract, the ability to think beyond the basics! Usually a doctorate requires "original research", therefore in addition to the five questions below you are required to construct three gimp knots of your choice. Your peers/friends must agree that the three knots you constructed are correct. There is no oral exam as in most doctorate programs because the questioning in addition to the construction of three knots of your choice is demanding enough! You MUST get all five questions correct. You can look at the questions, but not the answers prior to taking the test. Remember, honesty counts. Good luck !

Ph.G Exam Questions - Need to get all five correct.
1. Plastic craft lacing may also be called gimp craft lacing or gimp lace or boondoggle or lanyard? Yes or No
2. The plaiting and knotting crafts of Gimp originated in France Yes or No
3. Square knot, Spiral knot, Double Spiral knot, Staircase knot are knots that may be used as Gimp and to Gimp? Yes or No
4. You can gimp, boondoggle, and knot with strips of plastic, leather or cloth? Yes or No
5. You can use beads with Gimp to make jewelry? Yes or No

Original Research - Have your peers/friends acknowledged that you constructed three gimp knots correctly?
......... See answers below.

Bachelor Degree Answers (Need to Get 5 Correct to Pass)
1. Answer is "Gimp".
2. Answer is "Lanyard".
3. Answer is "Europe".
4. Answer is "Boondoggling".
5. Answer is "French".
6. Answer is "Plait". This is a tricky question !!
7. Answer is "Yes". Can be made of plastic lacing, silk, leather.
8. Answer is "Yes"
9. Answer is "Yes".
10. Answer is "Yes"

Master Degree Answers (Need to Get 7 Correct to Pass ) Answer to all is yes.

Doctorate (Ph.G) of Gimp Answers (Must Get All 5 Correct) Answer to all is yes.
Academic After Note - The ability to gimp (plait) a thread or multiple threads of plastic or similar material into an object such as a lanyard, bracelet and other fashionable items shows superb cognitive skills !! To be Gimp Certified .... A Boondoggling Master ... A Scoobie Fashionista ... PRICELESS !!
Welcome to Gimp Lace dot Com. A website about the Art of Intricate Knotting and Plaiting with Plastic Craft Lacing, Plastic Lace, and the European Version Scoubidou !! aka FUN !!
Gimp, Scoubidou, Boondoggling, or Lanyards. A knotting and plaiting craft known in the U.S. as "boondoggling" or "Gimp". See Webster's Dictionary. Anyway, It all means lots of fun. Make bracelets, necklaces, key holders, toy animal figures lanyards and friendship bracelets out of plastic craft lacing !!
Scoubidou - Is the French / European version of boondoggling or gimp. Scoubidou ( Gimp, Scoubi, Scoobie, Boondoggle, or Lanyard ) is a plaiting and knotting craft, aimed at young adults, which originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s. Read More thanks to Wikipedia. Then there is this website on how to make Scoobies. How to make scoobies
Gimp - The name "gimp" has been applied to the plastic thread used in the knotting and plaiting art Scoubidou in Europe or Boondoggling in the US. Gimp is a decorative cord or thread. Usually a flat or round solid or multi-colored extruded plastic. Often referred generically to as plastic lacing.
Boondoggling - Where Did that Name Come From ? Boondoggle is flat or round extruded plastic lace, often referred to as gimp! “The word ‘boondoggle’ was coined out of the blue sky by Robert H. Link, eagle scout,” Definition of Boondoggling
How To Guides
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Plastic Craft Lacing is made by a plastic extrusion process. Looking to make plastic lacing and need a PVC and dye supplier? Try http://www.teknorapex.com/
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Best Gimp !! - Our favorite brand of Gimp also referred to as plastic craft lacing is made by TonerCrafts. We found the packaging to be well designed and durable for re-use. The plastic lace was plentiful, soft and pliable with vibrant colors an excellent instructions. Product made in the USA. This is our pick. This product is sold at Walmart.  
Toner Plastics - For more years than anyone can remember kids have been braiding and weaving key chains and lanyards out of plastic lace at camps, in schools, with the Scouts and at park and recreation centers. Steve and Jean Graham founded Toner Plastics Inc. in 1989 with the intention of making as many of those little faces smile as possible. Read More 
How to Make Plastic Craft Lacing Bracelets - Plastic lacing has a variety of uses, not the least of which is to make plastic craft bracelets. Sometimes referred to as GimpAction or boondoggling, there are a myriad of uses for these simple yet fun-to-make bracelets. Read More 
How to Make Scoubidou Bracelets - Scoubidou strands are hollow plastic strings that come in a rainbow of bright colors. They are used for making key chains, lanyards and colorful bracelets that kids love to make and wear. "Scoobies," as many kids call them, are a way to teach kids knotting techniques. Read More 
How to Make Lanyard Bracelets - Lanyard bracelets, like you made at summer camp as a kid, are popping up in all sorts of stores and boutiques these days. But why buy one when you can easily make it? The classic box stitch can be a little tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it you can make several bracelets in under an hour. Read More 
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Plastic Lace Key Ring - These are so fun to make, you'll want to give one to all your friends. Read More 
Chinese Staircase Braid - Tie an overhand knot at one end of three strands of CraftLaceTM (the color combination is up to you). Secure the knotted end to a fixed position. Read More 
Cobra Braid - Pick four lengths of Toner CraftLaceTM, two of them will be used for the core and two will be the working strands. Read More 
CraftLace Curls - CraftLaceTM plastic lacing, curling rod, round pencil, metal knitting needle, medium screwdriver, wide wooden dowel, 10" long masking tape. One tall mug of boiling water and one tall mug of ice water. Read More 
Free Plastic Lanyard Instructions - Plastic lanyard--also called gimp, boondoggle or scoubidou--is a type of craft lace used for a variety of projects. You can use lanyard to string beads or decorate objects such as barrettes, or you can weave it together into different patterns to create keychains, zipper pulls, bracelets and other fun items. Read More